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  1. I am a php developer with a few of years of experience and would definitely say that light frameworks are easier for php users because they don’t require as much understanding of framework libraries or ‘best-practices’. Now, that’s not a great thing, but it certainly is easier. I used Zend and either didn’t understand the concepts behind best practices (ORM, MVC, authentication, etc.) or didn’t understand the reasoning behind having to learn this huge library to implement the best practices. PHP is a language used for the web, but is very liberating. Frameworks make a developer do something simple like access the database in a new way that, to an inexperienced developer, may not make a whole lot of sense.
    I now use CodeIgniter because it is light and it allows me to use some of the things that I’ve learned need to be standardized (e.g. MVC), but gives me the freedom to code how I want to for any other parts. I know that as I grow, I will realize that I need greater support and will be willing to put in the work to learn standard methods (i.e. Zend Library).

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