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2 thoughts on “FIG, FUD & FOMO

  1. Re the “elitist jerk” comment at ~10:00, he hits the typical PHP freelancer’s attitude on the head. In my opinion, after 12+ years making a living from PHP, that’s why the “community” has stopped moving forward in terms of qualitative improvement for quite some time. By commoditising ourselves, or giving the business customers more ammunition for their existing prejudice that we’re a commodity, it becomes economically problematic for us to improve our skills and tools, individually and collectively. Anything we can do to resist that is very strongly in our own interest.

    If mixed teams are more productive and more stable, as both the literature and my own experience indicate, then encouraging that practice is not simply a matter of social justice but of economic and professional collective survival. And, personally, if a woman with roughly equivalent skills is chosen over me for a job I’d been fighting for, I’d be fine with that. I know that she’s had to work five times as hard to get half as far.

    Just ask Kathy Sierra.

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