It’s the booze talking, episode 01: Remote Working

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2 thoughts on “It’s the booze talking, episode 01: Remote Working

  1. Great episode, thanks! I was surprised that in the course of things none of the Atlassian products came up. Jira (issue tracking), Confluence (wiki w/o wiki-syntax) and Fisheye/Crucible (Code reviews) are great tools that all integrate together, can be hosted behind a firewall and really empower a team to collaborate together. I was also surprised that no one mentioned HipChat (recently bought by Atlassian) for collaborative communication, this tool is far superior to any of the items mentioned on the podcast – it’s a level of chat and interaction focussed around projects and the api and interaction points are super powerful. The asynchronous history also helps remote developers in different time zones or even different work habits (I’m an early riser, this other guy isn’t, etc.) have the full scope of the conversation. IRC is great, but something like HipChat is specifically focussed for teams developing software and thus takes it up a notch. Lastly… I was surprised no one mentioned continuous integration – especially during the dev environment portion of the discussion! What better tool for collaborate coders then a continuous integration server like Hudson or Bamboo. This is good for any team to do, but in a remote working environment it provides a level of transparency on code changes and also maintains a level of code integrity you just can’t get elsewhere. For that reason I think it’s even more important for a remote team.

    1. He sounds like a pettry happy guy, a somewhat different tone than the VF interview. Always so good to hear his voice. I also wish the interview could have been longer. Just never get enough of Rob

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